October 18, 2016


In this hyperdocumented, oversharey world, does anyone else sometimes miss wondering, What has Person X been up to lately? I wonder if they’ve gone on any trips, or read anything interesting, or gotten a haircut, or eaten any artfully arranged meals, or done anything cute involving their baby?

Back in June I played a couple EP release shows and then had a stretch of empty touring calendar ahead of me so I decided to give myself a little break from piping up on social media, maybe a week or two. That felt really nice so I decided another week or two couldn’t hurt. The next thing I knew, it was fall, and I had taken a full three months off of alerting you all to my every movement and whereabout. And the truth is, I don’t think it caused any of us a mite of suffering. I think we’re all actually fine. I did some stuff, and presumably you all did some stuff, and whoever was actually there for it knew about it. Small-batch, artisanally-produced life. Thus refreshed I’m reluctantly re-entering what passes for reality these days, starting here with a minimalist update for you.

My favorite piece of news is that last week I snuck away into the studio to start tracking for a new album! Recording is my favorite part of my whole job and it was an amazing thing to hole up with a small batch of my dearest people and bring songs to life. We ended up with a big pile of material that we’re slowly sifting through and deciding next moves. More on this as the fall progresses.

Touring-wise I’ll be keeping more or less off the road until the record’s done, but I do have a tiny smattering of really choice Northeast performances this fall, as follows. Hope to see some of you out there.

Oh and of course the aforementioned EP “THE WAKING,” which is 6 new songs in the vein of the poetry-inspired material on the “STRANGE CONVERSATION” album, is available at the online store, as are the two new songbooks, Selected Songs 2001-2014 and Strange Conversation/The Waking. If you’re lacking any of these things.

Hope you’re all having a lovely October, wherever you are, and whatever activities you may or may not be documenting, *kd


OCT 28 – Club Passim, Cambridge, MA (w Peter Mulvey & Eszter Balint) Tix
NOV 16 – The Katharine Hepburn Arts Center, Old Saybrook, CT (w Jeffrey Foucault) Tix
NOV 18 – Narrows Center For The Arts, Fall River, MA (w Jeffrey Foucault) members-only event
NOV 19 – Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield, ME (w Rose Cousins & Zak Trojano) Tix
DEC 1 – Museum of Industry, Waltham, MA Tix

Details for these & all shows on the tour page.