Press Clips

  • The Star Democrat - May 15, 2014:

    “The release marks Delmhorst’s first album of original material since 2008…”

  • The Buzz About - March 28, 2014:

    “This is what Delmhorst captures better than any songwriter in the game: the duality of emotion, how we are never just one thing in any given moment. The beauty and comfort in despondency, the inherent fear in joy, the unspoken hesitation in acts or proclamations of confidence—Kris Delmhorst’s songs manage to cover that difficult terr […]

  • No Depression – May 8, 2008:

    “Beautifully flaunts [a] minimalist artistic approach…among the best tunes Delmhorst has ever recorded…they get better each time you revisit them.”

  • Music Box Online:

    “Frequently waltzes through the shadowy realm where light and dark meet…Delmhorst has become a favorite among music fans who like to be challenged as well as entertained.”

  • Boston Herald:

    “Perennial Boston Music Award nominee Delmhorst makes a stunning transformation by moving from the countrified folk of her previous three releases to a dreamier and denser sound brimming with atmosphere and muted-but-infectious melodies…Shotgun Singer is a work of lo-fi beauty, and evidence of an artist taking flight.”

  • All Music Guide:

    “Both original and appealing…anyone dipping into a song like “Freediver” or any other random track on this disc is bound to be quite surprised at the extraordinary depth inside.”


    “A strong, adventurous album of indie-folk-pop…there’s something fresh and new to discover about it with every listen.”

  • Folkwax:

    “ Shotgun Singer is the jaw-dropping song collection that I have always felt Delmhorst was capable of bringing to fruition. My litmus test is, do I really want to hear this record again – for instance, straightaway? This disc assuredly ticks that box.”

  • Performing Songwriter:

    “A tour de force of singing, writing and production that gains in richness with each repetition.”

  • Irish Times:

    “This is a remarkable album…as seamless and brave as it is brilliantly creative…don’t let the fact that Virgil and Hermann Broch inspired the title track reduce its deliciously slinky appeal.”

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